Ralph Lauren’s brand is established and its design style

Abajo Chaleco, Abajo Chaquetas / Friday, August 24th, 2018

Ralph Lauren’s brand is established and its design style

1. Ralph Lauren brand established

In 1968, Ralph Lauren Menswear was founded and launched the first brand “POLO RALPH LAUREN”, a personalized style for successful urban men, between formal and casual. ralph lauren outlet in UK. It is convenient for them to enter and exit various leisure occasions.

In 1971, Ralph Lauren launched the women’s wear brand “ph Ralph Lauren”. Ralph Lauren’s women’s dress truly conforms to the American spirit – a sense of wear that is not changed by the trend, timeless and personal style.

Later, Ralph Lauren launched the “POLO JEANS COMPANY” denim series, the “POLO Sport” young casual series, and the “Ralph Ralph Golf” designed for golfing for high society women. Regardless of how the brand is updated, ralph lauren outlet online in UK. Ralph Lauren’s clothing will always reveal a free, comfortable and luxurious atmosphere.

Ralph Lauren Cotton Letterman Cardigan KELLY GREEN/NAVY #446067
Ralph Lauren Cotton Letterman Cardigan KELLY GREEN/NAVY #446067

Ralph Lauren Cotton Letterman Cardigan KELLY GREEN/NAVY #446067

2. Ralph Lauren design style

“The American style is in his hands, from imagination to the old values: real.” This sentence breaks the design style and achievements of Ralph Lauren.

The 40-year-old Anglo-American upper-class social life, the wild west, the old movies, ralph lauren outlet online store the 1930s baseball players, and the old rich are the source of his design inspiration. In terms of citing the plain Shek style to the field of fashion design, it should be said that he contributed.

Often many people only recognize POLO, but not its designer Ralph Lauren. In fact, POLO is only the first series of men’s clothing he designed. The reason why “POLO” was used as the theme of clothing was because Ralph Lauren believed that this kind of movement immediately reminded people of a leisurely life.

Ralph Lauren’s savvy is to make the world convinced: to buy the dream of Ralph Lauren brand clothing, so that the value doubled. ralph lauren outlet sale His approach to displaying merchandise is unique, and the store’s performance is a family atmosphere. This method is very successful. The first year of sales at Madison Avenue stores exceeded $30 million.

Ralph Lauren, who has always focused on shaping the “American style” that combines Western pioneering, Indian culture, and former Hollywood feelings, was eventually even named by the magazine media as a designer representing “American Classics.”

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